Carter, Charles Lambert

Birth Name Carter, Charles Lambert 1
Gender male


Birth 1832-05-11  at  McMinville Tn 2
Death 1910-12-07  at  Big Spring, Howard County, Tx. 3


Father Carter, Williamson   (Birth)
Mother Sullivan, Anna P   (Birth)
Siblings Carter, John Ramsey
Carter, Mariah Adaline
Carter, William Alfred
Carter, Clemma Mabrey
Carter, James Fletcher


Married Wife Fuston, Nancy Parilee
  Marriage Marriage of Carter, Charles Lambert and Fuston, Nancy Parilee,  1851-11-20  at  McMinnville, tn 4
  Children Carter, Sarah Adeline
Carter, Samuel Williamson
Carter, John Marion
Carter, Mary Jane
Carter, James Harrison
Carter, Josie Lee
Carter, Fountain Lee Pitts
Carter, Emerson Etheridge
Carter, Charles Whitten
Carter, William Alfred
Carter, Cindy Ellen
Carter, Julia Ann
Carter, Nancy Parelee
Carter, Louise Catherine



Left an orphan at an early age and raised by his maternal grandparents. Charles was engaged in farming.

Charles was a private in Captain Chatham Coffee's Company, 11th Tennessee Calvary Reginemt (Holmans) Douglass' Partisan Rangers' Battalion.

He enlisted on Oct. 1, 1862 at McMinnville, Tn for the period of the War. His name appears on a Report of Confederate Prisoners of War and paroled at McMinnville, Tn on July 22, 1863.

The close of the Civil War brought extremly hard times. Without competent leadership, the period of "reconstruction", and the exorbitant taxes imposed through the influence of carpetbaggers, the general disturbande was intensified.

The Carter and Fuston Families moved westward, hoping for more desirable conditions in Denton County, Tx. They were not content withe the rugged Frontier life offered at that time and once more uprooted the families and traveled to Washingotn County, Arkanasas.

Charles Lambert was killed by a horse in 1910.

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