Carter, James Fletcher

Birth Name Carter, James Fletcher 1
Gender male


Birth 1843-08-28  at  Missouri 2


Father Carter, Williamson   (Birth)
Mother Sullivan, Anna P   (Birth)
Siblings Carter, John Ramsey
Carter, Charles Lambert
Carter, Mariah Adaline
Carter, William Alfred
Carter, Clemma Mabrey



Enlisted as a Private in D. Company, 35th Tennessee Infantry, also known at the Mountain Rifle Regiment, Tennessee Volunteers on Sept 6, 1861 at Warren County, Camp Smartt, Tn. By Col. BJ Hill.

The Regiment was reorganized as 2nd Comapny A, 5th Tennessee Regiment Provisional Army in July 1862. 2nd Corporal 2nd Company A, 5th Tennessee Regiment Provisional Army on November 1862.

Captured by Forces under the Command of Maj. Gen. George H. Thomas, commanding Department Cumberland, and forwarded to Captain S. E. Jones, Provost Marshall at Lousiville, Ky. on Dec 9th 1863.

Captured Nov 23, 1863 at Chattanooga, Tn., Transferred to a Military Prison in Louisville, Ky on Dec 10, 1863. Transferred to Rock Island Barracks Illinois and enlisted in the U.S. Navy on Jan 25, 1864. Transferred to Naval Rendezvous at Camp Douglas, Chicago, Illinois.

Unit History and Info. Company D. Mountain Rifle Regiment, Tn. Volunteers-- This Co. sas disbanded about Apr. 1862, and the men assigned to other companies of the regiment. The regiment was organized Sept 11, 1861 and accepted into the service of the Confederate States on Oct 31st, 1861. It was known in the field as the 5th Tennessee Regiment Provisional Army and as the Mountain Rifle Regiment Tn. Volunteers, but was officially designated the 35th Regiment Tennessee Infantry by the A. & I.G.O. It waas temporarily consolidated with the 48th (Nixon's) Regiment Tennessee Infantry by S.O. No. 3 Hd. Qtrs Polk's Brigade, dated Sept. 27. 1863, until the latter was transferred to 48th(Boothird) Regiment Tennessee Infantry by S.F.O.

From the National Archives-Service in the Union Navy. Enlisted for three years. His rating in the Navy was Landsman. He was 20 years old at the time of his enlistment. His civilian occupation was that of a farmer. His physical description was hazel eyes, black hair, dark complexion and he was 5'8" in height. No vessels are listed on which he may have served. His place of birth is listed as MO. The Department of the Navy did not begin to maintain personnesl files for enlisted men until 1885.

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