Stembridge, James

Birth Name Stembridge, James
Gender male


Birth 1826-00-00
Death about 1854-00-00


Father Stembridge, William   (Birth)
Mother Mullican, Sarah   (Birth)
Siblings Stembridge, Nancy
Stembridge, Silas Right
Stembridge, William , Jr.
Stembridge, John
Stembridge, Henry Reese


Married Wife Webb, Mary (Pollie)
  Marriage Marriage of Stembridge, James and Webb, Mary (Pollie),  about 1846-00-00  
  Children Stembridge, John
Stembridge, William Roland
Stembridge, Thomas Webb
Stembridge, Sarah Partheney (Sis)


James caught pneumonia and died at a young age. He too, left a young widow to raise small children. Mary (Pollie) did domestic work to earn a living for her family. She married twice after James' death. (2) David Forrester, by whom she had one child, Martha Jane Forrester, and (3) E. Miller. She is buried in the Jones Cemetery near Dibrell in Warren County.