Webb, Mary (Pollie)

Birth Name Webb, Mary (Pollie)
Gender female


Birth 1832-12-25
Death 1888-01-17


Married Husband Stembridge, James
  Marriage Marriage of Stembridge, James and Webb, Mary (Pollie),  about 1846-00-00  
  Children Stembridge, John
Stembridge, William Roland
Stembridge, Thomas Webb
Stembridge, Sarah Partheney (Sis)
Married Husband Forrester, David
  Marriage Marriage of Forrester, David and Webb, Mary (Pollie),  BET. 1856 - 1860  
  Children Forrester, Martha Jane
Married Husband Miller, E.
  Marriage Marriage of Miller, E. and Webb, Mary (Pollie),  BET. 1865 - 1875