Leftwich, Augustine , Sr.

Birth Name Leftwich, Augustine , Sr.
Gender male


Birth BET. 1712 - 1715  at  New Kent County, VA (now Caroline Co.)


Father Leftwich, Thomas   (Birth)


Married Wife Moxley, Mary
  Children Leftwich, Frances
Leftwich, Nancy
Leftwich, Rebecca
Leftwich, William
Leftwich, Thomas
Leftwich, Augustine , Jr.
Leftwich, Mary
Leftwich, Uriah
Leftwich, John
Leftwich, Littleberry
Leftwich, Joel
Leftwich, Jabez
Married Wife Stovall, Elizabeth


Records indicate Augustine Leftwich was a man of great wealth and many slaves and other personal property. Her served as a Sergeant in the "French and Indian Wars in 1758." He left each of his children large plantations and several slaves.

Information on the Leftwich family is from work done by the family.

The following information is from "Family Tree Maker".

The General Armory, Burke, decent of the family in England "Leftwich

(Leftwich Co. Chester or Cheshire?) descended from Robert de Wyninton son of Lyuphide de Twemlowe who married Matilda, Daughter of Sir Richard de Wilbraham and his wife Matilda, daughter and co-heir of Warin Vernon, Baron of Skipbrook. The son of Warin and Matilda took the name of Leftwich. In 1618, Elizabeth daughter and heir of Ralph Leftwich m. Wm. Oldfield Esq. of Bradwall.

Ancient Arms: an escutcheon voided within an orle of eight marlets a cross pattee gu. for difference. for Winnington.

Leftwich Arms: Azure three garbs or on a fess engrailed argent

Crest:Five leaves conjoined at base vert.

Motto:Ver non semper floret

The arms borne by descendents of Augustine Leftwich are the same of those of Leftwich, County of Cheshire (or Chester?). See the General Armory.

Augustine Leftwich's will dated June 10, 1795, moved to Bedford co., from Caroline Co., was born ca. 1712 in New Kent Co. and Died 1795 in Bedford Co. all in Virginia. His sons Augustine Jr., William and Thomas enlisted in the French and Indian War in 1757 from Brunswick. In 1760 Augustine Leftwich was granted a tract of 212 acres in Bedford on both sides of David's Creek, by Governor Fauquier. It is difficult to distinguish the properties of the two Augustines. William was granted by George III, 120 acres on both sides of Buffalo Fork of Back Creek and Thomas 70 acres on the north side of Goose Creek. See notes for Ralph Leftwich.