Leftwich, Ralph

Birth Name Leftwich, Ralph
Gender male


Birth 1628-00-00  at  Chesire England
Death 1680-00-00  at  New Kent County, VA (now Caroline Co.)


Father Leftwiche, Thomas   (Birth)
Mother Halford, Katherine   (Birth)


Married Wife
  Marriage Marriage of Leftwich, Ralph,  WFT 1647-1671  
  Children Leftwich, Thomas


Following information from "World Family Tree".

In 1658 Ralph Leftwich patented land on the branches of the Pianketank River "Said land being due for the transportation of six persons into this colony." This patent was renewed to Leftwich Oct 1666 (300 acres in New Kent Co., Virginia) Arms borne by descendents of Augustine Leftwich are the same as those of Leftwich, county of Cheshire (See the General Armory). (See arms borne by Augustine Lertwich, Sr.)

Ralph Leftwich's tie to our ancestor, Augustine Leftwich, Sr. is tenuous and not conclusive, but there are strong probabilities that he was the father of Thomas who was probably the father of Augustine, Sr. The arms borne by Augustine Leftwich's descendents are the same as in county Leftwich, England where Ralph originated.

Also, the following sentences:

Pioneer families of Franklin Co., VA Marshall Wingfield, Chesapeake Book

Co., Berryville, VA. 1964 p.60: Mary Leftwich married Joshua Early of Bedford. P. 125: Sarah Leftwich, born 1-20-1762, died 11-27-1834, sister of Col. William Leftwich, and Daughter of Augustine Leftwich, born circa 1712 in New Kent Co., VA, died in Bedford 1795, and grand daughter of Thomas Leftwich born circa 1660 in New Kent Co., died 1730 Caroline Co., and great grand daughter of Ralph Leftwich, born in England in 1628 and died in New Kent Co., circa 1680, who patented 300 acres in 1658, married Rev. James Turner and they had a daughter Mary (Polly) Turner who married John Hopkins (1775-1821).

See notes for Augustine Leftwich, Sr.