Stembridge, Didama D. "Dema"

Birth Name Stembridge, Didama D. "Dema" 1
Gender female


Birth 1857-00-00


Father Stembridge, Silas Right   (Birth)
Mother Van Hooser, Rebecca   (Birth)
Siblings Stembridge, Sarah "Sallie" Elizabeth


Married Husband George, William Washington

Source References from Ed George dated 19 Dec 2006
Confidence: Normal
Text: My name is Ed (Silas Edwin) George. My father's name was Olan M. George and my grandfather's name was Silas Franklin George. Silas Franklin was the son of William Washington George and Didama D. Stembridge. I found your e-mail address on a Stembridge family web page. I have been looking over some information passed on to me by my father's sister, who had a professional genealogist research the Stembridge family in the early 1960s. Much of the information I have matches your web site. The unsual female name "Didama" was evidently a favorite family name, as was the male name "Silas." My information shows that Silas Right Stembridge (b. June 9, 1828) had several children, 2 of whom were: Sarah "Sallie" Elizabeth (b. 1855) Didama D. "Dema" (b. 1857) Sarah married Tom George and Didama married Wm. Wash. George, my great-grandfather. I have no information to indicate whether or not these gentlemen were related. Didama and Wm. Wash. George had 7 sons and 5 daughters; as a young boy I got to meet many of these individuals, and I have some early photographs of the family. The W.W. George family settled near what is now the small town of De Leon, TX in the early 1880s; my father was born there in 1908. Ed George (b. 1936) -- --Silas (Ed) George, 943 Ruswood Circle Abilene, TX 79601, (325)672-6505