Stembridge, John A.

Birth Name Stembridge, John A.
Gender male


Birth 1813-00-00  at  Virginia


Father Stembridge, William   (Birth)
Mother Ward, Polly   (Birth)


Married Wife Akers, Margaret Ann
  Children Stembridge, William R.
Stembridge, Mary L.
Stembridge, Sally E.


Information from -- found through

!SOURCE: 1. LDS film #1000053, A History of Muhlenberg County, Otto A. Rothert,

John P. Morton & Co., 1913, pp. 66, 345.

2. 1850 Census, Muhlenberg Co., KY, Dist. 1, 694/694, p. 63.

(Individual note)


Stembridge, John A. 37 m KY Constable $400

Margaret A. 30 f KY

Wm. R. 12 m KY

Mary L. 9 f KY

Sally E. 6 f KY

Wm. 77 m VA Hatter

Clark, Matthew W. 25 m IN Wheelwright

(Individual note)

HMC(345): Stembridge's "The Western Speller" appeared in 1854. This book was

compiled by John A. Stembridge, who was born in Muhlenberg in 1813 and died in

Greenville in 1872. He was the only son of William Stembridge. His wife was a

daughter of Larkin N. Akers. Their son, William junior, died in early manhood.

Their two daughters removed to Evansville, Indiana, about 1875, and were

connected with the public schools of that city for more than thirty years.

John A. Stembridge, like his father, was a schoolteacher.