Stembridge, James Franklin Benjamin

Birth Name Stembridge, James Franklin Benjamin
Gender male


Birth 1820-00-00


Father Stembridge, William   (Birth)
Mother Lewis, Nancy   (Birth)
Siblings Stembridge, William Wesley
Stembridge, John Henry
Stembridge, Judith
Stembridge, Louise
Stembridge, Amelia


Married Wife Stembridge, Sara Ann
  Marriage Marriage of Stembridge, James Franklin Benjamin and Stembridge, Sara Ann,  1848-11-00  
  Children Stembridge, William Wesley
Stembridge, John
Stembridge, William Thomas (Tom)
Stembridge, James Artemus
Stembridge, Benjamin Franklin
Stembridge, Sarah Henrietta (Aunt Dis)


James F. B. enlisted in the Infantry as a volunteer in Co. K 45th Regiment - 4 Mar 1862, as put from Knoxville, GA for three years by Captain, A. W. Gibson. Served under General Lee. (We have records of payroll data, Co. muster roll and CSA Military hospital, No. 4 - Wilmington, N.C. listing)