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Wednesday, 17 July 2024 - 07:10:17 (CET)

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Welcome to my Genealogy Site. It is no where near complete, but it is a start at least. At present, I have information on my ancestors for both my father's family and my mother's family. The data for some of the lines are more complete than the data for others. While I have tried to ensure the accuracy of this information to the best of my knowledge, much of it has been provided by other people who have read these pages and contributed their family line information.  Since I did not personally research each contributor's data, I cannot guarantee that it is all 100% correct.  If you find errors or omissions, please send an e-mail to me describing the error or omission, and I shall try to correct it as quickly as I can.  

I am researching these names:

Father's Side: Mother's Side:
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This is an online copy of my data base. It contains information more than 3500 individuals. An attempt has been made not to show sensitive information about living people (i.e., birthdates).  I may have even suppressed such information for some people who are no longer living.  If you find any errors please send an e-mail to me describing the error.
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The data contained on these pages are not complete and may contain some errors or omissions. I would appreciate any additional information anyone may have. This is, after all, work in progress. Please e-mail me with any updates.

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